December 1, 2015

I'm Back!


This is Kyle Wildgiver, and welcome to my blog - Living as Life. I had a blog before, a few years ago, but stopped posting due to a busy personal life. I haven't played Wizard101 in about two years, and coming back I've noticed a lot of changes. There's fishing, two new worlds, level 90 is no longer the highest level, etc. I'd like to tell you where I left off. 

Azteca just came out right around the time that I quit. I am currently level 82 and just in Mangrove Marsh. From what I remember, Azteca is a pretty difficult world, and just a few minutes ago I got a monthly membership again and started exploring. 

For now, my blog posts will mainly be about my questing adventures. I'm hoping to speed through the new worlds. I have final exams this next week and a bit of a hectic work week, but after that I should be leveling up pretty fast! Come along on this fun adventure! 

Your Friend,

Kyle Wildgiver

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